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FlowPlumb Systems split unit air conditioning units are feature packed to provide efficient and effective cooling – when you need it.

Solar WH

The Collector

High efficiency collectors with natural circulation
• Painted aluminium tub collector
• Aluminium absorber
• Titanium oxide treatment
• Tempered glass
• High transparency
• Complies with EN 12975
• 22mm Connection on the four corners of the panel

Solar WH

The Tank

Storage tank for domestic hot water with external cavity on primary circuit side
• Enamel interior surface
• 40mm Rigid insulation
• Supplied in standard configuration
with magnesium anode and
electrical integration resistance

Solar WH Support

The Mounting Kit

Made of galvanized sheet metal with 26° inclination

The Connection Kit

Made of galvanized sheet metal with 26° inclination

The FlowPlumb Solar Water Heater Kit includes a Connection Kit which comprises:
• Primary circuit side safety valve
• Hot water side safety valve
• PVC connection pipes
• Hydraulic fittings for connection
• Isolation tube
• Antifreeze liquid

Features and Benefits

Ecological refrigerant R32

Energy Efficiency Class Level A ++ / A +

Indoor units with large LED display

Equipped with inverter technology DC

Indoor units with attractive and modern design

Outdoor units with cover on connection valve and soundproof

Standard washable filter

Automatic reset in the event of power failure

Night-time operation mode

Automatic operation mode

Daily ON/OFF timer

The outdoor units is treated with rust-proofing agent

Wifi included and app for remote control

Models Available

Indoor Unit

Indoor Unit

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Outdoor Unit

Outdoor Unit

[wptb id=7979]

Fundi Maalum

In 2012 Space And Style Ltd launched our Fundi Maalum installation training courses. Since then, we have trained thousands of installers all over the country in best practice, health and safety and product knowledge.

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