Asili Roofing Tile

Asili roofing tile is latest addition to the Space and Style brand line-up, which will revolutionize the metal roofing tile industry. It is indeed one of the best metal roofing tiles which we produce locally. It is also currently the best in its price band available in the Kenyan market today. Our claims are not biased by self-judgment but rather on clients and vendors who have tested out the product.


“Asili” is a Swahili word that in English means original, indigenous or natural. As the name suggests, the new Asili Roofing Tile is locally manufactured, driven by the desire to provide an authentic, yet quality and affordable product that will give your construction that original and distinct look.To produce Asili roofing tiles, Space and Style has transferred knowledge and experience acquired over the years as the sole distributor of the premium Decra roofing brand which has been sold globally, yielding high success rates for the last 60 years. You can therefore be sure of getting the best of innovation and quality in Asili roofing Tiles.


Asili roofing tile is a locally manufactured, high quality and durable roofing tile that you can count on to re-write the roofing experience for many decades to come. No more delays in your projects! No more long lead time! It’s real, it’s here. It’s Asili roofing tiles from Space and style.

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