Cable Protection Systems

Cable Protection Systems
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Reflecting expertise in protecting crucial power, lighting and communication cabling, our UK manufactured range of pipes are certified to British and European standards and conform to industry standards such as ENATS 12-24, the Electrical Supply Industry Specification for Cable Protection. With over 1,000 tried and tested products to choose from, we provide the largest range of cable protection systems for almost any application.

Cable Protection

Key Benefits

A complete cable protection system for almost any application:

  • Power
  • Motorway comms
  • Lighting
  • Utilities
  • UPVC specification
  • General purpose
  • Installation advice


1. Ridgiduct power

Ridgiduct is a twin wall system, specifically engineered to provide a light, yet robust alternative to conventional cable protection. Ridgiduct is manufactured in HDPE and the resulting stiff, yet flexible twin wall structure easily outperforms alternative products. Complementing the Ridgiduct range are a selection of twin wall long radius drawn bends, manufactured in HDPE. These are available in most sizes and a range of angles.

Ridgiduct Power 100, 125 and 150mm a class 2 product complies fully with the electrical supply industry specification for cable protection, ENATS. Ridgiduct has been independently tested and certified by the BBA to ENATS.

Key Benefits

A preferred choice of regional electricity companies:

  • Low weight, flexible,durable and high strength
  • Good impact resistance, even at low temperatures
  • BBA approved and complies with BS EN 50086-2-4 and ENATS
  • Available in an alternative twin wall split duct form for easy installation around existing cables with minimal change in strength

2. Highway Communications

Flowplumb Civils is able to offer Ridgiduct Comms 94, 100 and 150mm as a sealed system specifically designed for motorway communications applications. Ridgiduct is fully integrated with Polypipe access boxes.

Key Benefits

A preferred choice of regional electricity companies:

  • Type 450, normal duty
  • BBA certified as a fully sealed system
  • Certified to BS EN 50086-2-4 and meets the requirements of MCHW 1530
  • Print options available
  • Available in 6 and 12m lengths to minimise the number of joints

3. Lighting - Ridgiduct and Polyduct

Polyduct Lighting

Polyduct lighting is a single wall alternative to twin wall cable protection. Manufactured in orange MDPE or HDPE. It can be used in either open trench or trenchless applications.

Ridgiduct lighting

Ridgiduct lighting is a twin wall low weight flexible cable protection system, specifically manufactured in orange for use in street lighting and traffic signals applications. A full range of access and junction boxes, bends, reducers and adaptors completes the system.

Key Benefits

    • Impact resistance, even at low temperatures
    • BBA approved and complies with BS EN 50086-2-4
    • Flexible in application, with a minimal requirement for special bends
    • Available with print options for traffic signals and street lighting
Fundi Maalum

In 2012 Space And Style Ltd launched our Fundi Maalum installation training courses. Since then, we have trained thousands of installers all over the country in best practice, health and safety and product knowledge.