Standards & Quality

Vulcathene products are manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001. Products are subjected to a range of checks and tests. Detailed records are kept for dimensional and performance tests for each production batch. Each batch is given a unique identification number, which is reproduced on every fitting giving complete traceability.
Vulcathene pipes and fittings are manufactured within an environmental management system which operates in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14001. Whilst there is no specific British or CEN Standard for the performance of a chemical waste drainage system, the products manufactured for the Vulcathene system are covered by Agrément Certificates which ensures their fitness for purpose.
British Board of Agrément Specification Clauses
Material and Manufacture
Manufactured from co-polymer polypropylene with 3% carbon black ultra violet stabiliser. All fittings injection moulded from virgin grade polypropylene. All pipes to be extruded from virgin grade polypropylene.
Mechanical System
All mechanical joints to be demountable compression. All joints incorporate a positive seal utilising a ‘tongued’ olive located in a groove cut into the external wall on the pipe. This combines system security with the ability to disassemble the system if required.
All traps should be of the anti-syphonic type, based on the GREVAC design, which prevents suction developing within the system which could prevent effective drainage of chemicals. The GREVAC type anti-syphon trap, with a Borosilicate glass base must be used with particularly strong chemical solutions and when large amounts of organic solvents are used.
Where the W691 Dilution Recovery Trap is used, the underside of the trap must be supported to prevent undue strain on the pipework system.