Decra Roofing Systems

space and style kenya roofing in kenya

Decra® is synonymous with Space and Style, the two brands have a shared history in Kenya and Space and Style remains today the exclusive Distributor for this iconic roofing brand.


Tile Profiles

Decra Heritage Tile

The worlds favourite stone coated steel roofing tile.

Decra Shingle Tile

With horizontal & vertical lines which cast moving shadows throughout the day. A true masterpiece.

Decra Milano Tile

Modern & contemporay, a profile to replicate mediterranean way of life.

Decra Slate Tile

The latest profile, unique appearance for trendsetters people who like to do things differently.

Decra Shake Tile

A fireproof alternative to grass roofs, Decra Shake combines a natural look with technologiclal advantages.

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