Features and Benefits


Decra QCT


All of our unique technology is packaged in our patented next generation vanguard; QCT®.

Quantum Coating Technology is only available as a feature of Genuine Decra® and the combination of our advanced technologies helps keep your roof looking newer for longer.

Decra’s next generation Quantum Coating Technology:

• Maintains the vibrant colour of your roof
• Helps prevent chip loss
• Reduces maintenance costs
• Helps reduce staining & organic growth by x4
• Is part of our 50 year warranty
• Keeps your roof looking newer for longer


Decra® roofing tiles are proven to have a life span 6 to 9 times greater than galvanised roofing materials. If you live by the coast, Decra® is the perfect choice for you, especially with our 50 Year Written Warranty


Decra® tiles are tested up to 760°C and during tests showed no flames, sparks or smoke. This is particularly beneficial in areas of high temperature or commercial public buildings


We invented the steel roofing tile in 1957. No one has as much experience as we do in delivering quality and durability.


An overlapping Decra® roof tile is secured to the two tiles on either side, the above tile, the below tile and the rafter – making a Decra® roof incredibly secure against intruders and extreme high winds.

Fast Installation

Quick installation times can lead to further cost savings in the construction of your home. Decra® tiles are fast to install, making your home weather-sealed quicker


At only 7.0kg/m², Decra® roof tiles can save considerable costs in the roof structure (rafters, trusses, battens etc.), foundations and transport. One ton of Decra® tiles is equivalent to ten tons of clay or concrete tiles


Every Decra® roof tile is inspected by hand to ensure consistent quality. We also test our own and competitor’s products in our laboratories to ensure that Decra® continues to perform better than any other metal roof tile.

High Winds

Our tiles are tested against 200kph hurricane conditions at the Construction Research Laboratory in Miami and the Cyclone Testing Station in Australia.