External Plumbing – MDPE

External Plumbing - MDPE

MDPE- External Plumbing

Blue MDPE or Medium-density polyethylene, pipe is used to deliver potable water into a building and is designed to be laid underground.

Our range is available in sizes: 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm and 63mm. Pipes are available in coils of 25m, 50m, 100m and 150m.

Features and Benefits

Sound and integrity gives reliable trouble free service.

Simple and quick to use for speedy installation.

Pressure Rating gives increased safety factor.

Pipe and fittings from one British Manufacturer.

End load resistant – pull out is prevented by grab ring/ pipe stiffener/insert.

Robust high impact resistance.

Tough to withstand damage even at low temperatures.

Seals are pre-lubricated.

The Range


Straight Coupler

20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 40032
40mm: 40040
50mm: 40050
63mm: 40063

Slip / Repair Coupler

20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 40032S
40mm: 40040S
50mm: 40050S
63mm: 40063S

Reducing Coupler

32mm x 20mm: 4063220
32mm x 25mm: 40632
40mm x 32mm: 40640
50mm x 32mm: 4065032
50mm x 40mm: 40650

Imperial Mail Iron x PE Coupler

½”: 49012
¾”: 49034
1”: 4901



20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 40132
40mm: 40140
50mm: 40150
63mm: 40163

Elbow (male)

32mm x 1” BSP: 42332

Elbow (female)

32mm x 1” BSP: 42132
40mm x 1¼” BSP: 42140
50mm x 1½” BSP: 42150
63mm x 2” BSP: 42163


Equal Tee

20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 40232
40mm: 40240
50mm: 40250
63mm: 40263

Branch Reducing Tee

32mm x 20mm:
32mm x 25mm:

Branch Tee (female)

32mm x 1” BSP: 42232
40mm x 1¼” BSP: 42240
50mm x 1½” BSP: 42250
63mm x 2” BSP: 42263


Adaptor (male)

32mm x 1” BSP: 40432
40mm x 1¼” BSP: 40440
50mm x 1½” BSP: 40450
63mm x 2” BSP: 40463

Adaptor (female)

32mm x 1” BSP: 40332
40mm x 1¼” BSP: 40340
50mm x 1½” BSP: 40350
63mm x 2” BSP: 40363


Copper Adaptor

32mm x 28mm (1”): 47832

End Plug

20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 40932
40mm: 40940
50mm: 40950
63mm: 40963

Stop End

20mm: S/O
25mm: S/O
32mm: 30932
40mm: 30940
50mm: 30950
63mm: 30963

Gunmetal stop Cock

32mm: 41032
1½” FI: 31050
2” FI: 31063


Conforms with Type A: WIS 4-32-19: Polyethylene pressure pipe systems with an aluminium barrier layer for potable water supply in contaminated land

Complies with BS6920 Water Quality Testing

Approved under regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2000

“Approved for use in public water supplies”

Kitemarked to BS 8588: KM692343

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Fundi Maalum

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