Fortiza Roofing Systems


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Fortiza® Roofing Systems


Fortiza® Roofing tiles are manufactured by Fletcher Building, makers of the worlds original stone coated roofing systems. Fortiza is the result of a project which examined our product engineering to discover where we could achieve savings in cost but still deliver a product that was durable and whose colour doesn’t change. We’ve passed on these savings directly to the customer, so now quality stone coated metal roof tiles are affordable to even more people – without the risks associated with buying from an unknown supplier.

Genuine And Affordable

For years, genuine stone coated steel roof tiles have been unaffordable to many, while cheap versions and fakes have proven not to last or perform to an acceptable standard. We have used our expertise and experience to develop an alu-zinc steel roof tile with a coating of genuine natural stone at a price you can afford. We can only do this as the worlds largest manufacturer of steel roof tiles, and we believe that Fortiza® is the ONLY roof tile which delivers this.

Adding Beauty and Value

Your new home is a symbol of your success, and as the roof is often the first part of a house that anybody sees, you want it to look as good as possible.

With Fortiza® you can relax, because our tiles are manufactured with Alu-Zinc Steel to provide a long life against corrosion, and uses long established coatings and technology to eliminate chip loss. Plus, we only use natural stone.

Fortiza® for Developers

Fortiza® was developed to answer the problem of how to add value to a property without adding cost. Only the worlds inventor of stone coated roof tiles could satisfy this dilemma, and in 2010 Fletcher Building Roof Tile Group commenced a project which examined our existing world class product engineering to discover where we could achieve savings in cost but still deliver a product that was durable, and whose colour doesn’t change.

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