About Fortiza Roofs


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Fortiza® Roofing tiles are manufactured by the worlds original stone coated roofing systems. Fortiza® is the result of a project which examined product engineering to discover where savings could be achieved in cost but still a product that was durable and whose colour doesn’t change could still be delivered. These savings have been passed on directly to the customer, so now quality stone coated metal roof tiles are affordable to even more people – without the risks associated with buying from an unknown supplier.


Fortiza® Roofing Systems are manufactured from Alu-Zinc Steel, extending the lifespan of your roof by 6-9 times (versus galvanised steel). The Alu-zinc protects against rusting, especially in coastal locations, making Fortiza® the perfect choice for a longer-lasting roof.

Fortiza Tile


The coating on your Fortiza® Roof Tiles is natural volcanic stone from New Zealand. This is extremely tough, adding protection to the tile against weather extremes. The natural stone also gives Fortiza® its unique look and vibrant colour. Because we use only the best stone chip, it won’t change colour over time.

Advance Coated Technology


The natural stone chip is embedded deep within a patented basecoat resulting in 100% coverage, even when the tile is bent during installation. Using this technique also ensures that the stone chip won’t come off the tile during installation or heavy rainfall. In addition, there are another 5 layers of protection for the steel core to maximise the life of your roof.