Advantages of Frametech Steel Structures

Frametech Steel Advantages To Different Groups

The advantages to you

  Revenue generated faster
  Lower insurance rates
  Lower maintenance costs
  The knowledge that you’re using sustainable products
  Open concept designs & great strength-to-weight ratio
  A smaller building footprint with higher density
  Lower foundation costs
  Less risk & exposure
  A superior performing structure

Architects & Engineers

  Open spans and design concepts
  More floor and wall options
  Products that offer great strength-to-weight ratio
  Lighter materials reducing foundation requirements
  A system perfect for poor soil environments
  Flexible diaphrams for high seismic areas
  Certified & UL-tested products
  LEED certified products
  Great STC and IIC properties
  Non-combustible solution

Builders & Contractors

  Your buildings go up FASTER
  A turn key solution, via a single source shop
  One source responsibility
  Our team approach w/ value engineering
  Trade-friendly materials and concepts
  Less risk with non-combustible products
  Less callbacks and maintenance
  Less expensive materials for mid-rise projects
  Products that are pre-fabricated to save time

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