Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

FlowPlumb Systems™ Pushfit is our hand demountable plumbing system, offering ultimate flexibility & adjustability. Manufactured from polybutelyne (PB), FlowPlumb Systems™ Pushfit system is ideal for hot & cold water plumbing in domestic and commercial buildings. The flexible pipe eliminates the need for expensive fittings, whilst the simple push-click jointing process makes FlowPlumb Systems™ Pushfit the world’s quickest & easiest plumbing system to install.

Rustproof forever.

Speed – faster return on investment and more jobs completed

Easy installation – less mistakes / reduced costs

Reduced fittings – reduced costs

Can be connected to most existing systems including steel & brass

Cannot rust – long life / reduced maintenance costs

No leaks – no maintenance

The Manifold System


The FlowPlumb Manifold System provides a central control point for water distribution, much like simple electrical circuits, so that services can be isolated for essential maintenance such as changing a tap.

With this system, a single pipe is fed into the manifold. Then, secondary pipes are taken out of the ports to feed each appliance, e.g. basin, bath or shower. This allows water to one appliance to be closed off, while the other appliances remain serviced.