Pushfit Range


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Barrier Pipe - Straight Lengths

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Pipe Stiffener

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Straight Coupler

1 5mm: FIT015
22mm: FIT022
28mm: FIT028

Adaptor to DZR Brass (BSPT) F

15mm: FIT4415
22mm: FIT4422
28mm: N/A

Adaptor to DZR Brass (BSPT) M

15mm: FIT4315
22mm: FIT4322
28mm: FIT4328


2 Ends Reduced Tee

15mm x 15mm x 22mm: FIT1622

Branch Reduced Tee

22mm x 22mm x 15mm: FIT1122
28mm x 28mm x 22mm: FIT1128

Reducing Socket

22mm x 15mm: FIT1822
28mm x 15mm: FIT182815
28mm x 22mm: FIT1828


Gate Valve

15mm: FIT3115
22mm: FIT3122
28mm: N/A

Shut Off Valve

15mm: FIT5915
22mm: N/A
28mm: N/A

Appliance Valve

15mm x ¾”: FIT6115

Service Valve

 15mm x ½”: FIT6515

Brass Chrome Service Valve

15mm: FIT8515
22mm: FIT8522
28mm: N/A

Stop Cock (cold water only)

15mm: FIT2615
22mm: FIT2622
28mm: N/A

Stop Cock Spigot Drain

15mm: FIT3615
22mm: N/A
28mm: N/A

Double Check Valve

 15mm: PB3715
22mm: PB3722
28mm: PB3728

¼ Turn Ball Valve

 15mm: PB6715
22mm: PB6722
28mm: PB6728



15mm: FIT115
22mm: FIT122
28mm: FIT128

Spigot Elbow

 15mm: FIT1015
22mm: FIT1022
28mm: N/A

Wall Plate Elbow Brass

15mm: FIT1315
22mm: N/A
28mm: N/A

Wall Plate Elbow PB

15mm: FIT5315
22mm: FIT5322
28mm: N/A

Tap Connectors

Straight Tap Connector

15mm x ½”: FIT715
15mm x ¾”: FIT71534
22mm x ¾”: FIT722

Bent Tap Connector

15mm x ½”: FIT1715

Hand Tighten Tap Connector

15mm x ½”: FIT2715
15mm x ¾”: FIT271534
22mm x ¾”: FIT2722

Flexible Hose Tap Connector

15mm x ½” x 150mm: FIT6815
15mm x ¾” x 300mm: FIT681534
15mm x ½” x 500mm: FIT8315
22mm x ¾” x 300mm: FIT6822


Equal Tee

15mm: FIT215
22mm: FIT222
28mm: FIT228

Tank Connector

Blank End Spigot

Tank Connector

15mm x ½”: FIT3815
22mm x ¾”: FIT3822

End Caps

Blank End Socket

15mm: FIT1915
22mm: FIT1922
28mm: FIT1928

Blank End Spigot

15mm: FIT915
22mm: FIT922
28mm: N/A


PB - Non Valved Manifold

PB - Non Valved Manifold

22mm x 15mm: FIT7322153

Brass - Valved Manifold

Bent Tap Connector

2 Port (¾ x 15mm): PB5234152
3 Port (¾ x 15mm): PB5234153


Spares Kit

Spares Kit

15mm: FIT9515
22mm: FIT9522
28mm: FIT9528

Release Aids

Release Aids


Pipe Clips

Hand Tighten Tap Connector

15mm: FIT2215
22mm: FIT2222
28mm: FIT2228

Pipe Cutters

Flexible Hose Tap Connector

Code: PB781