25 Years Warranty

Flowplumb warranty for 25 years against defects in materials or manufacture of the Flowplumb and Polyfit hot and cold water supply and heating systems from date purchased.

This warranty only applies if the products are installed in accordance with the manufacturer ‘s recommendations and are used in a normal domestic operation.

A normal domestic operation is defined as a residential property and excludes commercially run residential properties e.g. care homes and is also defined as being part of an open vented or sealed central heating system, direct or indirect single pipe hot water supply or mains or tank fed cold water supply system.

The system must be designed, installed and operated within the temperature and pressure ratings as defined in BS 7291 Class S which are also published in the manufacturer’s literature and must also take account of all the other exclusions and limitations as defined in the design, application and installation guidance provided by the manufacturer.

Standards and Flowplumb Gurantee Information

British Standard Class S rated to BS7291 Part 1 and Kitemark Licence Number 38148 to BS7291 Part 1 and 2

Flowplumb polybutylene barrier pipe, fittings and accessories are covered by BSA Certificate No 00/3699.

Listed in the WRAS Water Fittings and Materials Directory.

Standards Manufacturing Quality Assurance in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 (BSI registered firm Certificate FM00318).