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Asili Classic Tile

01st Jun 2023

From: KES KSh 800

Asili Roofing Tile is locally manufactured and driven by the desire to provide an original authentic, yet quality and affordable product that will give your construction that distinct and original look.

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All Asili roof products are manufactured from alu-zinc steel which is shown in tests to last 6-9 times longer than ordinary galvanized steel products. This is achieved by a unique process which protects the steel core with zinc, which is itself protected by an aluminium barrier. Asili has unrivaled pedigree in long lasting steel roof tile manufacturing.

Coating Technology
Developed using innovative technology, Asili leads the way in design, quality, performance and durability. Our natural stone chips are embedded deep in our own patented basecoat and sealed in a special acrylic overglaze. It Provides excellent surface coverage and protection in a wide range of attractive colors. The stone chips do not erode off even with exposure to the weather elements. Little to no maintenance required-unlike other roofing options that need you to schedule regular maintenance.

Natural Stone
Asili roofing tiles are coated with natural stone chips, volcanically formed and taken from quarries with long history of superior performance across the world. Asili roofing can withstand gusting winds, heavy rain or hail, and many other adverse weather conditions. Although many assume it is a heavy material, Asili roofing is actually lightweight at 50 to 150 pounds per square Meters.