Waste Systems

Waste Systems

The system of choice for the professional plumber. Our high-performance MU-PVC waste system provides a permanent watertight connection.

Economical, durable and easy to install, our waste systems can withstand domestic hot waste discharge & can easily cope with the majority of chemicals and detergents.



3m Solvent Waste Pipe

32mm: WW538
40mm: WW539
50mm: WW709

Solvent Fittings

Straight Coupling

32mm: WW60

40mm: WW61

50mm: WW711

Expansion Coupling

32mm: P114

40mm: WW64

50mm: N/A

90° Knuckle Bend

32mm: WW116

40mm: WW117

50mm: N/A

90° Spigot Bend

32mm: WW111

40mm: WW112

50mm: N/A

92½ ° Long Tail Spigot Bend

32mm: WW113

40mm: WW114

50mm: N/A

92½° Swept Bend

32mm: WW078

40mm: WW079

50mm: WW712

135° Swept Bend

32mm: WW082

40mm: WW081

50mm: WW713

135° Spigot Bend

32mm: WW108

40mm: WW109

50mm: N/A

92½° Tee

32mm: WW84

40mm: WW85

50mm: WW714

Access Cap

32mm: WW90

40mm: WW91

50mm: WW724

Universal Tank Connector

32mm: N/A

40mm: WW99

50mm: N/A


32mm: WW057

40mm: WW718

50mm: WW717

Multiflex Connector

32mm: MFW32

40mm: MFW40

50mm: N/A


32mm: WW118

40mm: WW119

50mm: WW716

Floor Gullies

PVCu Tile and Locking Strainer

32mm: N/A

40mm: PWM040T

50mm: N/A

Stainless Steel Tile, Grid and Cover 150mmx150mm

32mm: N/A

40mm: PWM040

50mm: N/A

Sink Waste and Overflow

32mm: N/A

40mm: XSB040S

50mm: N/A

Bath Waste and Overflow

32mm: N/A

40mm: XSB040S

50mm: N/A

Fundi Maalum

In 2012 Space And Style Ltd launched our Fundi Maalum installation training courses. Since then, we have trained thousands of installers all over the country in best practice, health and safety and product knowledge.

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