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Introduction of Eco-Building Construction Solution

In response to Kenyan’s quest to access affordable housing, Space and Style Ltd has introduced the ECO-Building construction solution. This is a building structure made up by combining Space and Style Ltd’s products: Frametech light gauge steel structres, Fibre cement and Gypsum boards solutions, Floor laminates, Decra and Fortiza steel stone coated roofing tiles or Roofcolor bituminous shingles and Gutterflow gutter systems thus providing an all-in-one construction solution for constructing buildings. It’s an affordable and fast way of construction utilizing rapid construction methods and is suitable for various building typologies such as schools, residential houses, offices, hostels, dispensaries, site offices  or temporary building units.

ECO-Building provides structures that are environmentally friendly with modern eye catching  engineering and architectural designs whilst ensuring that one gets value for money. With affordable housing being a key concern in our country because a majority of the population aren’t able to buy houses, ECO-Building offers a solution to this problem by providing affordable and durable structures.