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Introduction Of FlowPlumb Drainage and Plumbing System

Our product range just got bigger! Space and Style Ltd introduces to you FlowPlumb Systems, an above and below ground fresh water plumbing and waste water drainage system. FlowPlumb delivers a quality and maintenance free water system for your building. The above ground plumbing system consists of the PushFit Barrier Pipe that is flexible enough to feed it through buildings without the need of expensive fittings like elbows and joints. Another trait of this PushFit Barrier Pipe is that it employs the Push-Click locking system at the joints making the joints easier and quicker to install while being secure and free from leaks.


The soil and waste system is made of the high performance MU-PVC plastic material that is economical, durable and easy to install provides a water tight. These systems can withstand domestic hot water discharge and can easily cope with the majority of chemicals and detergents.

The underground drainage system consists of an inspection chamber and piping system that is easy to install and longer lasting. The inspection chambers are easier to install compared to the conventional brick and mortar inspection chambers. The piping system consists of pipes that are injection moulded in strong polypropylene material with added diameter strengthening ribs offering high resistance against impact damage and earth movements.