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Style CSR

Giving back to the community is an important pillar of Space and Style because this provides positive social value and fosters close community relationships.

Our brand is a caring and compassionate one and would like to make a great impact in the society. In our projects we strive to provide solutions that will better the community by creating opportunities in the building sector and beyond.

CSR pillars

We focus on different pillars to help build the community:

☑ Community development initiatives: In Juja we observed that some of the Boda Boda riders drive around without reflector jackets, so we decided to distribute them in the Boda Boda community and we also put up wash stations that they can use.


☑ Education: The future of the building industry lies in the hands of the students who are currently doing building courses. That is why we have mentorship programmes.


☑ Building industry influencers: We carry out different capacity building forums that feature consultants and they do idea exchanging forums and programs like Fundi Maalum.


☑ Environment conservation: This planet is the only one we have and we care for it; that is why we carry out tree planting initiatives.


☑ Sports: Sports has a positive impact on the mental state of the youth and that is why we have taken the time to support Githurai All Stars.

Our CSR Activities

Fundi Maalum

In 2012 we decided to introduce a skills training and development program that is called Fundi Maalum. This program was started so as to help artisans become more competent and disciplined by helping them develop their communication skills, improve their workmanship and work ethics.

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Githurai All Stars

Githurai All Stars is a local community-based football club that offers young talented footballers in Githurai an opportunity to find economic empowerment by pursuing their passion. We believe in supporting the youth and helping them explore their talents so that they are able to access better opportunities in their future.

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Tree planting

Trees benefit the people living around them by having a positive impact on their mental health and wellbeing by reducing stress because in most cases they encourage outdoor activity. That is why we decided to undertake tree planting as one of our CSR initiatives.

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Space and style is keen on impacting future generations through skills transfer and support. This forum was created so as to offer work tips and encourage final year students. This is done through mentorship where students visit a Space and Style showroom and the Juja factory in order to learn how the company works and how we manufacture our products.

Covid-19 response

The Covid-19 pandemic came and affected our society in a way that no one could have envisioned. This was a novel virus that spread globally and had adverse effects in people’s lives and the economies at large.

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