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Bitumen water proofing membranes are designed to provide secondary weather protection for residential and commercial buildings. They act as a shield against seepage of water into the roof.


Space and Style’s waterproofing membranes are developed using up to date technology that enables it to perform over time and give long lasting water proofing characteristics. Can be used on flat roofs, concrete roofs and for basement waterproofing.

Features & Benefits

– High resistance to extreme weather conditions.

– High resistance to chemical and mechanical damage.

– Flexible enough to take any shape over which it is laid.

– Compatible with all types of flat roof applications.

– Excellent adhesion properties on the surface.

– Easy to Install


Flat roofs

Concrete roofs

Basement waterproofing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install Bitumen membrane?

Please download installation guide from our brochures page.

What are the various applications of bitumen membrane?

Our bituminous water proofing membranes can be used on Flat roofs, Concrete roofs and Basement Waterproofing.

What is the thickness?

A roll is 10 metres x 1 metre and a thickness of 2mm.