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Vulcathene Chemical Drainage

Vulcathene is a proven chemical resistant pipework system installed in laboratories in schools, universities, hospitals and industrial facilities worldwide over a 50 year period. Vulcathene is proven with all chemical combinations emptied into it including acids, alkalis, solvents, detergents, blood samples, retro viruses and radioactive wastes. Vulcathene is a complete laboratory system including waste outlets, sinks, drip cups, anti-siphon traps, dilution recovery traps and a comprehensive range of pipe and fittings in sizes 38mm to 152mm.

Features and Benefits

Temperature range from -20° to 100°

Pipe and fitting range from 38mm to 152mm

Choice of two easy jointing methods

Over 50 years proven performance

Demountable joints

Ultra smooth bore

Quick and easy to install

Full system

Huge range of applications

Impact resistant