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Electric water heaters featuring blue forever technology

10 Litre

Our best selling small capacity water heater.

50 Litre

The perfect family water heater. Blue Forever heating element provides hot water for longer.

100 Litre

Suitable for larger homes and commercial premises.

Electric water heaters for when you need instant hot water


Compact and powerful, our instant water heater fits discretely beneath the sink, providing hot water at a touch


Designed in Italy to give luxurious hot showers.

Turning Kenya blue about FlowPlumb electric water heaters

FlowPlumb Electric Water Heaters are designed in Italy with a history that dates back to the 1950’s. Quality is at the heart of the range, which comprises of instants, small, medium and large capacity water heaters. For large commercial requirements, our factory experts can help design and commission a system ideal for your bespoke needs.
Our best selling EWH’s feature two critical innovations which set them apart from all other water heaters, and they’re BLUE!

Blue Forever Element

While most heating elements are copper, FlowPlumb Blue Forever Elements are glass lined stainless steel. The purpose of our unique blue coating is to prevent lime scale attaching to the element. This enables the heat from the element to heat up the water unobstructed, making the water heater more efficient as it uses less power and works quicker. It also lasts much longer before needing to be replaced.

Blue Forever Glass Lined Tank

The inside of the tank is also glass lined using a powder coating technique for the best possible finish.
This has the same effect as coating the element, making the whole water heater more efficient, quicker at heating and longer lasting.

Features & Benefits

Temperature gauge

Wall mounting bracket

Blue silicon enamelling

Magnesium anode

Cold water inlet diffuser

5-bolt flange

Double safety thermostat with capillary probe

Operation light

Inspired From Within

‘Blue Forever’ is at the core of FlowPlumb™ Water Heater DNA. A new generation of ultra-strong heating elements, this patented technology is designed to:
reduce scaling, increase heating efficiency & greatly prolong the life of the heating element. Blue Forever heating elements are designed to outlast all known conventional
elements and minimise maintenance. Your Blue Forever element is included in our 5 year warranty.

Operating Light

Quick visula check to ensure all is well

Blue Silicon Tank

Enammelled tank lining increases efficiency and life span of water heater.

Temperature Control

Puts you in charge. Easy to control temperature and increases efficiency.

Water Proof

High liquid intrusion protection is a quality feature designed to increase the life of your water heater.

Shock Proof Casing

Additional safety feature in case of electrical accident.

On/Of Switch

Easy to use controls, reduces electricity consumption whilst out.

Blue Forever

Longer lasting, anti scale Blue Forever Element.

5 Bolt Flange

Another safety feature and evidence of high quality manufacture.


With over 60 years of expertise and experience, FlowPlumb Rainwater Gutters are lifetime solutions to rainwater collection and pitched roof drainage

The speed at which the gutter removes rainwater from the roof is called the “flow rate”. FlowPlumb gutters have built in features such as ribbed floors and diversion fins to help increase the flow rate.


Flow Rate:4.7 litres per second


Flow Rate: 4.9 litres per second

Foundry Finish

Flow Rate: 4.9 litres per second


Flow Rate: 6.0 litres per second


Flow Rate: 14.0 litres per second

Style Resources

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Rainwater Guttering


FlowPlumb Brochure


Installation Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

The rainfall here is very heavy. Are you sure your gutters are big enough?

There are three factors to consider here:
1) FlowPlumb gutters have design features to make them drain the roof more quickly. For example, the gutters have ribs running down them to increase flow and stop water splashing over, and the outlets have fins to direct the water into the down pipe.
2) The slowest flow rate of our gutter range in 4.7 litres per second, on the Regency gutter. That’s nearly two and a half 2 litre bottles of water EVERY SECOND. No where on earth does it rain that much!! The heaviest rainfall ever recorded was 31mm in one minute – that’s half a millimetre per second.
3) The size of the gutter is almost irrelevant – it’s the number of downpipes that determine the speed of drainage. The more downpipes you have, the quicker the gutters will drain and the less likely they will overflow. As a basic rule of thumb, the larger the roof area, the larger the gutter needs to be because the volume of water coming off the roof will be higher.

Do your gutters need gluing?

Not only do you not need glue, it shouldn’t be used! FlowPlumb gutters clip into place. It makes installation quick and easy, but it also means the gutter has some movement. Throughout the day, as the temperature rises and then cools, the gutter will expand and then contract. The FlowPlumb System allows this to happen. You’ll see in the fittings there is an “insert to here” line. This leaves a gap for the gutter to expand into. When Gutters are glued, they cannot move, so when they heat up and expand, the only thing they can do is buckle in the middle.

If they are made in Great Britain, does that make them very expensive?

Consider all the features of the FlowPlumb gutter and then compare to the average gutter that’s available. Also ask, what’s the price of not choosing FlowPlumb? Annual maintenance and replacement after just a few years? Our aim is to provide GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY – it’s cheaper in the long run to do it properly first time by choosing a quality product.

Will your gutter leak

• The markings on the fitting show the installer where to fit the gutter so that it won’t pull out of the fitting.
• The thumb clips hold the gutter in place
• The rubber seal provides a water-tight connection. When the gutter is clips in, it’s pushed down into the rubber

Do your gutters need painting?

Unlike metal gutters, Hunter Gutters never need painting. In fact they shouldn’t be painted. Not only do they not need painting and won’t fade, the colour goes all the way through the gutter wall so even if they get scratched during transport or installation, the scratch won’t show.

Will the colour fade?

Co-extrusion helps the colour from fading but the PVCu material also contains a UV protection.