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One of the biggest drainage problems in the world today is caused by fats and grease being poured down kitchen sinks. These fats cool down and solidify inside the underground drainage pipes causing blockages that are extremely difficult and expensive to clear. The term “fatburg” has been coined to describe these large underground blockages.

How it works

FlowPlumb’s Endura grease trap removes the grease and fat from waste kitchen water, keeping the drainage system free-flowing.

– Waste water enters the Endura and is forced down to the bottom of the tank
– The grease floats to the surface
– One scoop of Bio+ enzyme is added daily down the sink. This breaks down the grease.
– Clean water leaves the Endura at the bottom, pushed out by new waste water
– Once a month, open the lid and scoop out the grease

Features and Benefits

One piece injection moulded box with no edges to cause blockages.

Other grease traps are made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, or concrete which are expensive, heavy and labour intensive.

Lightweight & well packaged allowing one man to carry and install.

Other grease traps, because of the material they are made from are heavy to carry – needing two people – & expensive and difficult to install.

Supplied with inlet and outlet adaptors to connect to drain.

Other grease traps don’t come with adaptors, so connecting them to different sized pipework could be difficult and cause leaks / blockages.

Quick release lid latches are easily opened by hand – no tools required

Other grease traps require tools to open them which means they need plenty of access. This could restrict where it can be sited in the kitchen.

Air inlet improves grease separation by 40%, keeping drains cleaner for longer.

No other grease interceptor uses air in its process.

3.2 Litres Industrial

Factories, food factories, Breweries, abattoirs, commercial kitchens

1.6 Litres Commercial

Fast food outlets, restaurants, hotels, cafes, bakeries, clubs

0.97 Litres Domestic

Homes & private Residences

Endura Bio+

4 month supply – 1Kg