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Landcoil Drainage System

Land Drain, or “perforated pipe”, is underground pipe with slits cut into it. It uses normal FlowPlumb underground drainage fittings. The purpose of Land drain is to stop the ground becoming waterlogged during & after heavy rain, especially where the soil is impermeable, like clay. Water from the ground enters the pipe through the slits where it can be redirected elsewhere, a stream or river or to a tank.


– Agriculture: prevents fields from being water logged and loss of crops.
– Sports: football pitches, cricket pitches and golf courses especially. If a sports field is water logged, it can not be played on.
– Domestic: stops the garden from becoming waterlogged. This can also be applied to hotel gardens where aesthetics are important.

Features and Benefits

– Full range of pipes and fittings in sizes from 60-200mm
– All systems Kitemarked to BS 4962
– Perforated and unperforated options
– Available with geotextile wrap
– Flexible, durable, easy to install
– Extremely cost effective
– Supported by a full range of fittings